Fully Automated Session Bingo

Offer your Bingo Players a fully automated way to play Bingo, with minimal staff needed

  • FortuNet Automated Bingo System is portable and can be run with minimal counter space
  • Perfect for a bar or Lounge atmosphere
  • Use the Auto Verify feature to fully automate the session
  • The game will stop automatically once the system detects a winner
  • The system will automatically verify all the bingo winners and continue on to the next game
  • Run Bingo 24/7 with our State of the Art unattended bingo caller/verifier
  • Bingo numbers are automatically called using the FortuNet new hands free mini blower or the FortuNet built-in random number generator
  • Game will stop
  • By using our Flex Pay options, your player can collect their winnings multiple ways.
  • Compatible with FortuNet Kiosk
  • Compatible with FortuNet secure bingo paper